Rhino Linings®

Rhino Linings® Coating and Paint to Waterproof Your Truck Bed

You’ve made a substantial investment in your truck, so you’ll want to keep it looking at its best — Rhino Linings is the solution. Even though you rely on it as a workhorse or a personal vehicle capable of transporting heavy loads and a diverse range of freight, it’s critical to keep it free of dents, dings, and corrosive materials.

There are, of course, alternatives, such as drop-in liners.  Rhino linings from Flow Autobody are the best choice for keeping your cargo in place and keeping you safe on the road. It secures your cargo and avoids the need for additional lashings, which means less work while loading and securing!

When products are not placed securely on truck decks, they can be exceedingly harmful to the truck driver and other drivers on the road. Regulations governing the transport of goods and load security are tightened to ensure that all commodities are securely fastened on a non-slip, grippy surface. Our Rhino Linings are a no-brainer choice since they provide 100% guaranteed scratch and impact resistance.

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What are the benefits?

Slip Resistance

Textured, flexible surfaced reduces load slippage

Abrasion & Scratch Resistance

Seamless surface will not crack, split or warp

Impact Resistance

Highly impact resistant Tuff Stuff made from polyurethane can take a beating

Corrosion & Chemical Resistance

Water-tight seal prevents rust and corrosion

Our Rhino Linings® certified applicators will get your tray all TUFFened up in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rhino Linings®

Rhino Linings is a tough coating that adheres directly to your truck bed, providing a durable, airtight covering that is scratching and impact resistant. Rhino linings also improve fuel efficiency, which many business owners often overlook. Rhino linings will help your truck retain its value by preventing corrosion and rust caused by the chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Rhino linings from Flow Autobody offer increased chemical and spill resistance, excellent tyre scratch protection, corrosion protection, and sound dampening to reduce internal ambient noise in your vehicle.
To apply rhino liners, you’ll need to engage a professional company. The Rhino Lining application is a lengthy procedure that includes numerous processes such as prepping the truck bed and tailgate and other truck prep, managing a complex process that necessitates meticulous attention to detail, reassembling the truck and more. We’ll spare you the rest of the specifics, but it’s a lengthy process. Flow Autobody completes the job quickly so you can go back on the road with your new truck liner.
While not all services offer waterproof rhino linings, it is not impossible. Flow Autobody offers Rhino Linings coatings and painting, which allows for better coverage and protection of the truck and gives it a more polished look rather than a cheap-looking plastic coating. The benefits of waterproof rhino lining include increased fuel efficiency, tyre protection, corrosion prevention, sound dampening and higher resistance to chemical spills. At Flow Autobody, we offer coating and rhino paint to make your liners waterproof. Our staff are equipped and trained to install Rhino linings and meet your unique requirements.