The Flow Story


From humble beginnings in 2015 as Platypus Collision Repair, Flow Autobody started as a boutique smash repair shop that serviced a wide variety of customers. In 2019, driven by a desire to articulate the business’ evolution and renewed focus on making a positive impact through excellence and putting people first, the Flow Autobody brand was born.

People come first

At the core of Flow’s values is people. Our people-centric culture makes it easy to provide excellent customer service which naturally translates to customer loyalty. We take care of the people behind our team and in turn, they do the same for our customers. We believe that a positive work experience creates a clear sense of purpose and serves as an evident expression of great culture. Our sincerity to provide the best smash repair experience to the clients helps make Flow Autobody one of the best go-to smash repair shops in the Brisbane area.

From ‘Ow!’ to ‘Wow!’

We understand that getting your vehicle repaired is a necessary inconvenience. That is why we are determined to turn that negative experience into a positive one. At Flow Autobody, we want you to have a seamless and hassle-free repair experience that’s why we utilise the best of modern tech and tools and combine them with human intuition and care. We don’t just repair cars, we truly care about the people driving them.