Our Process

We firmly believe in the power of the process. Like a well-oiled machine, Flow’s Repair Process has proven time and time again to be one that works consistently and exceptionally.


After you’ve dropped off your vehicle, we’ll do a pre-repair inspection. A job sheet outlining all the needed repair work will then be created relayed to our technicians.


Our experienced technicians will then strip, catalogue and store all the parts of the vehicle to allow for repairs. The technicians then align and repair the vehicle using OEM approved repair methods.
Job update


When the vehicle is completely stripped and all the damage is accounted for, you will receive an update regarding the completion date of the repair.


Our painters will then mask up and prime the repairs on your vehicle. The repairs are then carried out at this stage.

Prime + Prep for Paint


Our highly trained painters will then prepare the surface to be refinished by sanding down any imperfections using high quality 3M consumables.



The vehicle is then colour matched using advanced matching systems and is painted using leading-edge paints by Octoral.



Our master technicians then carefully and methodically reassemble the vehicle back to its pre-accident state.
Detail + Post-Repair Check


Your vehicle is then checked for any imperfections in the paint and detailed and cleaned before its final check for quality assurance.

Vehicle Hand Over


A notification will be sent to you once your car is ready for pickup. Your vehicle with be waiting for you all good as new!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! We can colour-match any custom gradient because our repairers aren’t only skilled technicians, they are also artists. We make cars safe to be driven again on the roads, but we also consider the aesthetics and make them fresh as new. So whether you want to match the original paint as we repair, or if you want a totally new colour, Flow Autobody is still your best bet. 

Well, it depends on your insurance provider upon inspection. They will authorize the write off – if the repairs will cost more than the market value of the vehicle, or if it’s declared irreparable. Either way, the insurance company will pay you a fraction of the current market value of your car. 

The estimated number of days to complete a repair depends on the scope of work needed for your vehicle.  For example, minor damages can usually be fixed in 1-3 days; moderate damages in 3-7 days; and heavy damage in 7-21 days. There’s no definitive answer because it depends on the extent of damage your car received.

Watch this short video on the three types of vehicle damage.

Yes and No. The warranty depends on the parts that the client chooses. OEM parts have warranty while after-market parts don’t. As for paint, we have a 7-year warranty on all our paint jobs.

We make everything seamless and convenient for you, from booking to turnover. You can track the process of your repairs through the customer portal link. Once your vehicle is done and ready for pick-up, you will receive an SMS and email notification.