9 Commonly Asked Auto Body Repair Questions

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For smash repair first-timers, it can be a little intimidating to get your car fixed, especially if you’re just a regular joe with no knowledge about cars. That’s alright – did you know that about 64% of drivers aged 18 and above have been involved in some sort of car accident? We know that getting your vehicle back on the road ASAP is a priority, but don’t let it be the only priority! Sometimes, the fastest service isn’t always the best. Instead, ask the right auto body repair questions that will help you understand what to expect with the repairs.

Why does a reliable car body repair shop matter?

Poor-quality repairs will increase the cost of your vehicle and cause further downtime. You can extend the life of your car, reduce future damages, and keep as much resale value as possible by receiving auto body repair services as soon as possible from the right auto body shop.

Be careful when choosing a repairer, because brand and price aren’t the only things to consider. Asking the right questions will help you know more about their services and if this particular shop is the best fit for your needs!

Auto Body Repair Questions You Should Ask

1. Would I be eligible for car hire?

There is no definitive answer, because it depends on your insurance coverage. It’s common for insurance providers to offer hire cars with your coverage, but better confirm it first. You can choose a shop that offers assistance with hire cars, so you can avoid the hassle of going days or weeks without a personal service car.

It also depends on the situation – did you cause the accident or were you not at fault? If you are at fault, it’s usually an additional cost incurred on top of repair costs. Otherwise, it should be covered without shelling out more money.

2. How long will it take to restore the damage?

Depending on the complexity of the problem and what is being repaired, the answer to that question may vary. The time it takes for a car body repair depends on the type of vehicle damage sustained and the repair plan of the smash repairs shop.

It usually takes three to five business days to repair minor to medium damage. However, that depends on when you strip the car when the mechanics bring it in, and if they find a few more damage, it will take longer to a few more days.

3. Do you think you could assist me with my insurance?

If you have full coverage insurance, the business will almost always ask you to contact them before making any auto body repairs. They will be able to select how much of the cost they are willing to cover in this manner.

While service centers are always willing to assist, you should first determine whether you have a choice of repairer or a preferred repairer. If you do, the center can assist you in filing a claim that only takes a few days to be approved, and once it is, they can go ahead and schedule the repair for you.

4. What should I expect during the repair process?

First and foremost, you should be able to understand your repair estimate. Once you’ve agreed to the repair plan, be clear on the timelines. You should be able to track the progress of the repairs, whether via phone call, chat, or some customer portal, like that of Flow Autobody.

In addition to your auto body repair questions, you should also ask for a full explanation of what they did during the service or repair, usually in writing. You should get an itemized invoice aside from an itemized repair quote. You can see if there were services or repairs not agreed upon, or if there were unexpected charges. Make sure to choose a business that values you and your vehicle and provides a smooth process for getting your automobile fixed as quickly as possible.

Flow Autobody has always been transparent in giving FREE repair estimates and in explaining the repair plan to the client. You get the most bang for your buck without all the hassles!

5. Are you open on weekends?

Most repair shops are open seven days a week, on average. They may, however, close on some days, just like any other business.

They usually don’t work on weekends unless it’s required. If you need repairs done on weekends, you should notify the service center or auto repair shop as soon as possible. Repair services are usually willing to make an exception for you, especially if it’s a critical issue.

If you’re not sure if they’re open, give them a call! It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you leave a message about your car repair questions, ensure to include your reason for calling.

6. Is it possible to drop off or pick up my vehicle outside of your regular business hours?

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You should be able to get your vehicle back after hours if it doesn’t require any additional work and can be driven safely. While this isn’t always the case, most stores will make an exception if you ask nicely.

Make sure to inquire whether their drop-off hours differ from their regular operating hours, which is often the case because they may require time to prepare for your repairs at the start of their day. This way, you may decide whether picking up your vehicle on a different day or waiting until the shop opens is more convenient for you.

7. Where are you located?

When you engage with them, you should ask and know where a repair shop is located. You can search for car body repair shops closest to you for maximum convenience. This way, you may avoid the inconvenience of driving through traffic and racing against the clock, which is especially important when your vehicle requires quick repairs.

8. Do you offer mobile quoting?

Mobile quotes should be available at all service facilities, shops, and dealerships. Instead of needing to drop off your vehicle, you may get an estimate on your smartphone or tablet. Some service centers, shops, and dealerships demand you download an app, while others send you one.

It is up to the individual establishment when it comes down to it. Still, most establishments offer mobile estimates in some form or another to provide you with what you require in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Get a FREE estimate from Flow Autobody today!

9. Do you do private work?

You will want to add this in your list of auto body repair questions when you need to. Individuals or small groups commonly find private wage labour in auto repair services. This means you can bring your car to a shop and have it serviced by a specific mechanic without having to make a regular appointment.

Private pay also gives the option of choosing a specific date and time when dropping off or picking up your vehicle, which can be very convenient.

Be sure to ask them if they offer private pay work and how it works, so you know what to expect in advance. Most service centers, shops and dealerships have a website where you can look up their services and check whether you can find a solution or services that fit your demands.

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What are the basic procedures for repairing a collision-damaged vehicle?

Because the specifics differ from one body shop to the next, we’ve outlined a few fundamental steps to help you understand what to expect when your automobile is being fixed.

1. Estimate – The collision repair procedure begins with a vehicle inspection. The auto body shop’s estimator will be the one responsible for it. 

2. Disassembly – At this point, your insurance company may request that the car be disassembled. The request ensures that any damages are appropriately documented and determine if your vehicle needs to undergo a repair.

3. Repair – This is a crucial stage since it ensures the car frame’s structural integrity. The service center must undertake all mechanical repairs along with the structural repairs.

4. Paint Preparation – In refinishing all types of automobiles, paint preparation is one of the most critical steps. Before priming and sealing, the body shop will prepare all panels for painting.

5. Reassembly – All detailed components and final moldings are returned to the car at the reassembly area. During this process, all of the car’s systems are also examined.

6. Quality Control Check – The body shop experts will perform a physical inspection as well as a test drive of your vehicle. This is to ensure that there are no driving issues related to the vehicle’s repaired part(s).

7. Delivery – The final step in the collision repair procedure is delivery. The final documentation is released, and the bill is explained after the client arrives at the store to pick up their car.

Get the Best Service at Flow Autobody

At Flow Autobody, we don’t just fix cars. If you have any other auto body repair questions aside from the ones mentioned, just ask away. We’re dedicated to making sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape and condition for an overall safe and enjoyable ride on the road. Our customer-centric mantra helps us keep our customers happy! This is why we’ve created an online estimator – so you can easily request a FREE quote without leaving the comforts of your home. We also offer insurance assistance and a lot more! Aside from fast turnaround times, we make sure the customer experience is exceptional from start to finish. Hence, the customer portal function lets each client monitor the progress of his or her own car.

What are common repair services?

Many vehicle owners take their cars to repair shops once in a while to undergo a few fixes and repairs. Among the most common auto repairs that vehicles undergo are the following:

– Windshield Wipers and Fluid
– Oil Change and Oil Filter Replacement
– Scheduled Maintenance
– Tire Replacement
– Air and Cabin Filter Replacement
– Brake Repair
– Battery Replacement
– Coolant System Services

Reputable auto repair businesses work closely with vehicle owners to provide the necessary scheduled maintenance and repairs for the upkeep of their vehicles.

How much does auto body repair cost?

The cost of an auto body repair varies depending on the necessary repairs that the vehicle needs. For an accurate quotation or estimate of the expenses you will have to pay for an auto body repair, communicate closely with the repair shop and ask away your auto body repair questions. They would gladly explain and break down the costs for you.

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