6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Repairer

Choosing a Repairer Flow Autobody

When your car requires panel beating or other bodywork repairs to restore it to its former condition, it’s critical to choose reputable, knowledgeable, dependable panel beaters. Choosing a repairer that meets all your needs can be hard, especially if you don’t have much experience with automotive repair shops. The name and reputation is a good place to start, but there are other factors that you should consider to find a shop best for your situation.

Professional auto repair companies show nationally renowned automotive certificates, licenses, and insurance verification in the customer area. Make sure they’re visible and updated. If they aren’t on display, it’s a good idea to ask the personnel from the shop to see them. You don’t need to go for the most popular or most expensive repair shop. You just have to be smart about choosing a repairer that won’t disappoint and leave you in a worse place than you started.

Factors When Choosing a Repairer

1. Inquire with your family and friends.

Every car owner has had experience with an automotive shop to some degree. Look to your friends and family that have their own cars and ask them if they have any good recommendations for you. For sure, when other people were also choosing a repairer to go for, they have considered asking other people about their experience. Even though they might have had a good experience, ask a lot of questions, such as how long it took or how much it costed.

2. Go over the reviews of previous clients.

When looking for a good auto body shop, real people reviews say a lot about the services. You can find them on the shop’s website, or even go to their social media pages, where they can’t hide any negative comments – if any.

3. Consult with your mechanic.

Asking your trusted mechanic for referrals is a wonderful option because they will undoubtedly interact with auto body shops regularly and may have a few for you to consider. Of course, you should proceed with caution and due diligence, but your mechanic could have some valuable input when you’re choosing a repairer.

4. Look for certified and authorised technicians.

Choosing a Repairer Smash Autobody

The leading auto body shops only hire experienced, professional mechanics to ensure that each repair job is up to standards. This means they are certified by authorized organizations, such as the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR). You can find accredited collision centres for specific makes and models in the best collision repair shops. Most autobody shops will proudly display these credentials in their waiting areas or websites. Just like Flow Autobody, the smash repair shops have credentials to boast.

5. Ask the right questions.

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions, especially if you’re trying to figure out what to look for in an autobody shop, and a good collision repair shop will not only answer them, but also welcome them. Here are some questions to ask any auto body company when choosing a repairer:

  • Is it possible to get a written estimate from your shop?
  • Do you offer clients with any warranties?
  • Do you work with insurance companies directly?
  • How do you come up with your estimates?
  • What kind of security precautions have you taken?
  • What can I expect from you in terms of turnaround time?
  • What are your payment policies and options?

Read the 9 Commonly Asked Auto Body Repair Questions to get right on track. It’s also a great move to ask more detailed inquiries about the job that they need to do. How frequently do they perform such repairs, for example? Is it realistic to expect your car to look the same as before the accident?

6. Have faith in your instincts.

Regardless of how many positive reviews you’ve read or how many certifications a shop has, if you don’t feel safe leaving your car with them, then trust you gut feel. You have the right to ensure that your car is in qualified hands, and that the repairer you work with will get the work done perfectly the first time. There’s usually a good reason if something doesn’t feel right or you don’t trust them. There’s no timeline to choosing a repairer, so take your time and go with your gut feel.

Characteristics of an Excellent AutoBody Shop

Choosing a repairer Flow Autobody

When you need auto bodywork, choosing a repairer with a reputation for certain desirable qualities is a must. People usually end up in a panel beater after being in an accident or suffering some form of unexpected damage. A professional smash repairer will recognise the needs of consumers who have found themselves in an unexpectedly unpleasant circumstance.

It’s also critical that a body shop has experience in a range of repair areas. You need someone who can execute high-quality repairs after an accident, whether it’s frame straightening, dent removal, or painting. Because car accidents leave your vehicle with a range of repair needs, adaptability is essential. What to look for in an autobody shop? Here are four characteristics that an outstanding autobody shop possesses.


Choosing a repairer you can trust will have a name that precedes it in the industry. You also won’t want to do business with a store that doesn’t have an A+ rating when it comes to dependability.

Technologically Equipped

Modern automated equipment helps body shops ensure precise measurements and fast repairs these days. You’ll want to choose a body shop that embraces rather than opposes technological advancements. Everything runs more smoothly, from frame straightening to estimating.


Even while skilled body shop technicians regularly interact with customers who have recently been in an accident, they recognise that each customer is coping with the stress of their unique situation. Customers should not be treated as just another task but as people who deserve to be handled with compassion.

Willingness to Help With Claims

While dealing with insurance providers isn’t the most pleasurable experience, a reputable body shop would gladly assist you. We recognise that choosing a repairer can be difficult and time-consuming. The pointers mentioned above will undoubtedly assist you in selecting the best panel beater in Brisbane for your car repair.

If this is your first ever experience with filing insurance claims for a car repair, you should know if you have a “choice of repairer” or “preferred repairer” in your policy. Having a choice of repairer allows you to pick a repair shop you are comfortable with, which means you are free to work with Flow Autobody for a convenient and hassle-free experience!

How Flow Autobody Ticks the Right Boxes

We take pride in providing the most comprehensive smash repair services available at Flow Autobody. We put our all into all we do, from providing accurate estimates to delivering top-notch bodywork to organising rental cars and working with insurance agencies. With enough experience, we’ve established ourselves as Brisbane’s most dependable smash repairer company offering various high-quality repair services.

When you take into consideration the tips in choosing a repairer with the right qualities, you’ll see that Flow Autobody ticks all the right boxes! We are a customer-centric shop that focuses on the customer experience. You’re guaranteed an amazing and more than satisfactory repair experience when you choose us. We make the entire process hassle-free, from getting an estimate to monitoring the progress to turnover! We offer some of the fastest turnaround times and we stick to our word. We explain the repair plan to the customer before we even begin to make sure they understand perfectly. And when it comes to insurance claims, which is a usual headache, we are quipped to assist you with it.

If you don’t want to get disappointed, Flow Autobody is an excellent choice to get quality smash repairs in Brisbane. Get a FREE online estimate from Flow Autobody today!

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